Top tips for the best night’s sleep

Top tips for the best night’s sleep

There are three side to the strength pyramid: Training, Nutrition and REST!

Sleep is simply crucial to overall health and well-being!

When you sleep, your higher brain centres go into temporary retirement so they can go about the essential business of repairing and recuperating.  This downtime allows the muscular system and—even more importantly—the nervous system to recharge!  

The body also produces the best amount of growth hormone once in deeper sleep, which assists with the growth of lean muscle mass and repair of muscle tissue.

Other hormones impacted by sleep deprivation include: increases in cortisol (stress hormone), decrease in melatonin (regulating hormone), suppression in leptin (satiety hormone) and increases in ghrelin (hunger hormone)

…simply put, poor sleep quality depresses brain function, can lead to poor performance and less fat loss!

In a US nutrition/exercise sleep study*, a group of people were sleep deprived, then put on 8 hours quality sleep per night and this resulted in 55% more body fat loss!

Top tips healthy people do before bed:

    • Plan/get organised for tomorrow
    • Switch off technology one hour before bed
    • Drink a sleepy/herbal tea
    • Stretch it out, meditate/play some chill music
    • Curl up with a good book
    • Plan your sleep: work out when you need to wake up and count back 8-10 hours to ensure you get a solid night’s sleep!
    • There are also a number of helpful apps to help keep of track of your sleep and if you really want to take it to the next level, check out the WHOOP wearable technology

Do you have a routine for optimising the best night’s sleep?  Try some of the tips above!

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